AC Driving School Registration

Please complete the steps below to register for a driver’s education course. Classes are limited to 18 students. If the course is full, you will be placed waiting list.

Step 1

Get a DOL permit number.

  • Washington Drivers: You will need to pre-apply here for a WDL# with the State of Washington and bring your WDL # number with you to parent orientation.
  • If you already have a permit, use the permit number, It will start with –WDL?????????  (this is also the confirmation number) on the form at the end.

Step 2

Each student will need to have the Driver Education Agreement (Please print) and the Student Record  (Please print) filled out and signed (bring with you to Parent Orientation).

Step 3

Complete the form below to complete the registration process. Full courses are marked and will provide waiting list sign up.

Step 4

Once you submit the registration check your Email.  You will receive a confirmation email with in 24 hours.  If you do not get an email check you SPAM folder or call/text me at 509-769-7040.