How much does it cost?

Drivers ed is $500.00 which includes 2 attempts for the DOL State written test.

DOL State drive/Skill test at this time all drive tests are being conducted in an AC Driving School car due to State cleaning requirements.

DOL State Drive/Skill test in AC Driving School vehicle $50.00

Written DOL test  $30.00

How Do I Schedule My Driver Education 5 Classroom Driving Sessions?

  • Driving Times are handled on Driversed.wickett.net  website Click here http://Driversed.wickett.net.  Choose which drive time works best for you and student.

What do I need to bring to Parent Orientation?

  • Each student will need to have the Driver Education Appication  and the Student Record filled out and signed.
  • Washington Drivers: You will need to pre-apply here and supply your WDL#.
  • Where  Are Classes Held?    Classes and Parent Orientations are a held at the AC Driving School offices, 2123 5th Ave, Clarkston (next to Heights Family Foods) and in Pullman at The Coldwell Banker Building, 405 S. Grand, Suite C, 2nd Floor.

How Many Classes / Drives Must I Complete?

  • Each student must complete 34 hours of class room instruction (17 classes) and 5 driving sessions with observations.

How Much Does this Driver Education Course Cost?

  • Driver Education is $500 per student (includes 2 attempts at the written state test). Payment is due at the Parent Orientation Meeting (10 days prior to class). We accept checks, cash, & credit cards (add a $10 convenience fee for credit transactions). Payments can be made if necessary; please contact me if you need to arrange a payment plan.

 How Many Students Per Class?

  • Current class sizes are limited to 18-20 students. If a class has 18 students registered, a waiting list will be created.
  • Minimum registration of 10 students to host a class session.

How Old Must Students Be To Register?

  • Students must be at least 15 years old on the first day of class.