How much does it cost?

Driver Education is $500.00 (includes 2 attempts for the DOL State written test).

DOL State Drive/Skill test in AC Driving School Vehicle $70.00

DOL State Drive/Skill test in a Personal Vehicle $50.00

Written DOL test  $30.00

How Do I Schedule My  5 Classroom Driving Sessions?

  • Driving Times are handled on Driversed.wickett.net  website Click here http://Driversed.wickett.net.  Choose which drive time works best for you and student.

What do I need to bring to Parent Orientation?

  • Each student will need to have the Driver Education Application  and the Student Record filled out and signed.
  • Washington Drivers: You will need to pre-apply here and supply your WDL#.
  • Where  Are Classes Held?    Classes and Parent Orientations are a held at the AC Driving School Clarkston offices, 1013 Bridge St. #D, (old DC Wellness Bldg., at the corner of 11th & Bridge) and in Pullman at The Coldwell Banker Building, 405 S. Grand, Suite C, 2nd Floor.

How Many Classes / Drives Must I Complete?

  • Each student must complete 34 hours of class room instruction (17 classes) and 5 driving sessions with one observations. Each student can ONLY MISS 3 CLASSES, or will need to start over.

How Much Does this Driver Education Course Cost?

  • Driver Education is $500 per student (includes 2 attempts at the written state test). There is a $100 deposit due within 2 weeks of time of registering.  The remaining Payment is due at the Parent Orientation Meeting (10 days prior to class). We accept checks, cash, & credit cards (add a $10 convenience fee for credit transactions). Payments can be made if necessary; please contact me if you need to arrange a payment plan. If you drop out of the class your registered for and we are unable to fill the spot, you forfeit the $100 deposit.

 How Many Students Per Class?

  • Current class sizes are limited to 18-20 students. If a class has 18 students registered, a waiting list will be created.
  • Minimum registration of 10 students to host a class session.

How Old Must Students Be To Register?

  • You can register at anytime, however students must be at least 15 years old by the third day of the class session you choose.